What Does DWU Mean in Texting? DWU Definition, Meaning

Wondering what does DWU mean? Here you can learn the DWU Definition, as well as how to use it in your daily chatting.

What does DWU mean in text language?

As I stated in a previous article of mine, I am not a fan of these Internet slangs and acronyms that are so popular these days among kids, teens and even young adults. Sure, they save a lot of finger-moves and still convey the same message as a long word or sentence would’ve, but for those of us who are not quite familiar with them, they only make us Google for acronym meanings, thus give us more finger work. The latest acronym that made its appearance on my screen and got me Googling was DWU.

The collection of acronyms Internet users use in texting increases on a daily basis and the sole purpose is to make the chatting easier and quicker. And for a large part of the Internet users, it serves the job well. After banging my head against a wall in an effort to decipher what does DWU mean, I gave up and found myself Googling the meaning of an acronym, once again. Similarly to my previous acronym search, I’ve found a few different results:

  • Done With U
  • Down With U
  • Dats What’s Up
  • Dealing With Users
  • Dynasty Warriors Unleashed

What Does DWU Mean?

Although these five meanings of this acronym all seemed to be good matches for DWU, the original definition is Don’t Wait Up. This abbreviation is widely used on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and other popular social media networks and is used when someone wants to tell someone to not wait for them. It is usually used when something unexpectedly happens to someone and forces them to be late or not appear at a previously agreed meeting. DWU is by no means formal and is used in casual daily conversations.

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Those acronyms that make our chatting easier and quicker have gone viral on the social networking sites. This acronym specifically eliminates the need of writing a full sentence in which you tell someone to not wait for you, as you can simply say what kept you busy and add DWU in the end. To make sure you know how to use DWU in texting, I will provide you with some examples. Here’s one disclaimer: all characters for these examples on using DWU are fictional (in case some of my friends actually follows my blog posts and find some example familiar).

John: Beer tonight? My treat.
Elliah: Naah, I have other plans. DWU.

Adrienne: Mom, I have an extra class after school tomorrow, so I’ll be late. DWU.

Bob: My date canceled on me at the last second and I have a reservation. Are you up for Chinese food?
Gordon: Sorry, mate, I am already out. But you can join me at the bar afterwards?
Bob: I’m not sure if I’m in the mood for going out actually. I’ll call you if I wanna join, so DWU.

Richie: I’ll be gone for the weekend, so I’ll most probably miss your birthday. Sorry and DWU.

Suzanne: Where are you? It’s freezing outside.
Sarah: I cannot find a cab. DWU.

Anna: My cat is sick, so I have to stay home tonight. DWU.

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