What Does HMU Mean on Instagram | Guide to Use HMU on Insta in (2019)

Just like other Slangs HMU being famous from last few years. People use it in many events on Social Media and in general texting. The Basic meaning of this is “Hit me up”.

If you want to deliver your message to someone in the modern way you can use the online English acronyms like TBH, HMU etc.

HMU widely use on different Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others

But on Instagram, it is more likely used. These slangs basically are the shortcodes of long phrases and sentences.

Today we discuss that What Does HMU Mean on InstagramHMU Full Form how you can use it and where it comes from. So, stay with us Thanks!!!

What Does HMU Mean on Instagram

You know that in modern chatting people mostly use the shortcodes and slangs to communicate with each other. The most widely used online Acronym is HMU.

The recent study shows that people mostly use these Acronyms on Instagram rather than other Social Media Platforms.

However, the use of HMU is in Hashtags, with images and mostly in chatting. Its general meaning is to tell someone to Contact me. So, you can use it in Casual and formal as well.

“Recently, I read some blog where a study proves that there is 4 to 5 Million HMU tags are used on Instagram each day.”

Here we tell you how it is used in different situations. So, Read the full Article and if you are new Subscribe and you will get the notifications of Latest posts.

Use in Hashtags

Hashtags are the main feature of Instagram. Users mostly use these tags for their daily posts, Sometimes you need to tag your post to someone and put text to deliver your message.


Instead of writing long sentences and something like that you just put “HMU” and he or she will understand that you tell him or her to contact you ASAP.

So, it is very helpful in the tags and also looks very stylish and clean.

Use with Images

Another specialty of Instagram that people upload their images as a daily activity on Instagram. Therefore, if you need to tell your special friend that contact me with a stunning image.

You just write “HMU” and he/she will understand you in a very romantic way.


There are lots of funny images and memes on HMU are used on the internet to pulls someone’s leg. Here are some examples check them now!

Use in Chatting on Instagram

The most common use of HMU is in chatting on Instagram and also all chatting platforms. The same principle applies in here but a little bit different.

In chatting you send your message privately so you can impress your friends or someones.

I Think you understand “What Does HMU mean on Instagram”

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