What Does HMU Mean on Facebook | How People use it FB (2019)

Facebook is the world’s most active social media website and Billions of people daily use it and share their thoughts on it.

People use short words and slangs on Facebook especially in the tags, status and in messenger (chatting).

So, Here we gonna tell you that What Does HMU Mean on Facebook and how people use it to deliver their message to someone.

HMU is an Acronym and its Abbreviation is “HIT ME UP”. It is used to say someone to Text me, Contact me etc.

It is a modern era, short way to communicate with someone especially on Facebook and other social networking sites.3

What Does HMU Mean on Facebook

There are lots of natural use of HMU on FB. Mostly it is used in Memes, Jokes, while Chatting, FB Status, tags etc.

We are here to educate and polish your online chatting skills to impress someone with these Slangs.

The Modern way of chatting on Facebook is easy but you should the meaning of HMU and other Acronyms. Therefore, we list down the situations where HMU fits and look more classy.

So, Read the article and we will learn lots of new things which are never shared on the internet before

HMU Memes

Memes are so popular and people use it to make fun of some situation, people or event.

Every day there are new memes created and we can see them on different social media sites.

HMU Memes are also very popular and useful to make fun. There are lots of memes/images are available on the internet.

Some of them are listed below:

Use in Messenger/Chatting

HMU main use on Facebook is on Chatting. Suppose if you chat with your friend and try to tell him that Contact me,  Catch me or something like that.

You just send him “HMU” not to send me the whole phrase or sentence. This is the main advantage of these types of slangs.

Use in FB Status

Also, the use of Acronyms Like HMU is increased on Facebook Statuses.

Most of the time user use the short way to share their thoughts on FB via Status because it looks more clean, classy and stylish.

You can also use these things to make your status more impressive. Besides, “HMU” there are lots of other Slangs use on Facebook. If you read about them Search them on our website.

Use in Tags

HMU also use in Facebook tags and to Tag someone. In Tags, people use it to share memories with their friends and family and most of the time it goes trending.

Also, If you tag someone in comments and deliver you desire msg in a short way the use it.

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