What does Jennifer, Nicole, and Gregory mean?


-White Wave

– smooth; white; fair
-Fair one. It is a variant of the name Guinevere, who was King Arthur’s queen.

-“gift from God”.


1970-1985: Jennifer was the #1 name in USA

It was 51st most popular name in America in 2006


Nicole pronounced Ni-kohl is a popular name of Greek origin. It is the feminine version of Nicholas in French and means victory or victorious people. It is believed to be derived from Nike the Greek Goddess of victory and its original Greek form was Nicola.

The name has a number of country-specific variants like Nicole or Nicolette in France, Nicola in Greece and Italy and Nikita in Russia. Some other forms are Collette, Nicol, Nicosia and Nikki. Actress Nicole Kidman and singer Nicolette Larson have popularized the name in recent times

There are over 2.7 million people with this name world wide.


The name Gregory is pronounced GREG-ory. It is originally a Greek name, Gregorios, which means “watchful” or “vigilant” (the modern Greek version is Grigoris, which is also associated with the word for “swift.”) This developed into the Latin Gregorius, which was very popular among the early Christians, partly because St Paul had urged believers to be vigilant in the New Testament.

The name kept its religious connotations for centuries; it was given to several saints in the first few centuries after Christ, and there was a famous Pope Gregory in the 6th century.

It is a particularly widespread name in Scotland, where it is sometimes given as Gregor (which is also the German version; the Scandinavian is Greger or Gregers.) The usual short form is Greg.

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