What Does CTFU Mean?

CTFU: Have you heard it so many times? Learn the meaning of this urban lingo here. It appears that new phrases are being added into the world of online chatting every other day. If you are on twitter or facebook, you may have come across the abbreviation ”ctfu”.

Furthermore, it’s commonly used in texting using mobile devices. So, what exactly does ctfu mean? You might just want to know the meaning of this abbreviation before using it, right?

Meaning and usuages of CTFU

”Crack the fuck up” is the meaning of this abbreviation. It’s about saving time when communicating, and that is done through short form phrases. The web is the only place where you are officially allowed to break grammar and spelling rules. No English teacher will come for your neck!!

Instead of writing ”cracking the fuck up” or ”crack the fuck up”, users who communicate with this urban term will simply type ctfu. You may use it when you’ve come across something that’s terribly funny. It’s used to describe the kind of laughing that makes it practically impossible to breathe.

The world is moving forward at a fast pace and it’s only the 21 century generation that would be able to catch up with that speed. It’s a high-tech society where many words or phrases are quickly coming up.

These words are coined in such a way that one wouldn’t know their meanings if they don’t belong to this generation. But even if you’d be lucky to find the meaning of ctfu, you simply wouldn’t catch up with the rate at which internet slang evolve.

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Such words are normally considered internet slang or urban lingo and users find them very cool. If you don’t understand urban phrases or acronyms like CTFU, then you run the risk of being considered irrelevant or outdated.

Different Interpretation and Context

It appears that the very people who are being considered irrelevant are the same individuals who create hard rules regarding English words. The world of texting or chatting online has defied those rules when it comes to coining phrases, terms or words.

Today, a word may mean one thing and tomorrow it may mean a different thing altogether. That’s because internet slang keep evolving as people keep using them.

Conclusion : What does CTFU mean

Right now, some people use ctfu to mean some form of intense laughing. Others have already invented other meanings for the same word, i.e it’s a modification of ”STFU” which means ”Shut the fuck up”.

If used in this context, it will mean ”Chut the fuck up”. While still at it, other people have manipulated it to mean ”Cheer the fuck up”. Because of the different meanings and interpretation of urban lingo, these words are proving to be more complex and users may only catch up as they continue to spend more hours chatting or texting friends.

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