what does A Corker mean

A Corker Abbreviation / Internet Slang / Acronym

Do you know what does A Corker means? Now know the meaning of A Corker used in internet slang. We have over 10000 abbreviations used over the internet in Facebook, WhatsApp chatting and in SMS texting.

Meaning of A Corker ?

Meaning of A Corker is Admirable.

A Corker Definition

The definition of A Corker is Admirable.

What does A Corker mean?

A Corker means Admirable.

Comments having A Corker

Just seen A Corker lads. Medium-blue boot cut jeans, black shoes, navy pinstripe blazer, waist-length white dreads

My boy Trump’s A Corker, he’s a New YorkerI buy him in hairspray to keep him in stylehe’s got a pair of hips, just like two battleships.

The France/Russia doubles match on Lenglen is A Corker. #RG16

And that’s #ExpressEUDebate over – what A Corker. Thanks, @Nigel_Farage @ChukaUmunna @KateHoeyMP @Siobhain_MP @JacobReesMogg @richardreedinno

Great win for the tonight on the box @NatWestT20Blast. Surrey in Hove on Friday night should be A Corker! Get yourselves down!! #GOSBTS #2/2

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