What Does HMU Mean | A Guide on HMU Meaning & Uses (2020)

HMU is a very famous and most used Acronym and its full form is “HIT ME UP”.

Basically, it is frequently used on Social Media Platforms Like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat as well as on General Texting.

It is used to communicate the very General terms like Text or Contact Me, Call Me and others. New Internet users have a Question in their mind that What Does HMU Mean.

So, we are gonna tell you the Exact full form of this Acronym and its uses plus some other tricks to communicate in the modern and better way.

What Does HMU Mean

As you all know that in Modern Era Social Media contacts and communications are getting popular day by day.

A huge amount of people use Online Slangs to communicate with their friends, family and loved ones. Just Like HMU Slang, people use it in chats, comments and also in Hashtags on various Social Websites.

Meaning of HMU is clear and it is also known as an Internet Expression that describes the actual meaning of your desire sentence in short-form in Modern Culture.

Nowadays, people use the Slangs more frequently than ever especially the HMU. Since it indicates many daily sentences which are very helpful for quick replies.

Still, in 2019, lots of people do not know the uses of HMU and some of them even ask that:

What Does HMU Mean?

On the internet, just HMU Abbreviation is available that is not enough. So, this is authentic information to educate people on how to communicate by using HMU slang

Some Examples & Uses of HMU

HMU Acronym is widely used on Social Media and here are some examples and usage that will clear your concepts about it:

” We use two-person names for demonstration purpose John, Rick ”

Ex 01

John: Hey Buddy, I will back to the office at 10 o Clock.

Rick: Okay Man, When you reach office HMU.

Ex 02

Rick: Hello! I am starving, HMU.

John: Ok, I will be there.

History of HMU

Hmu is an informal slang used on different platforms to describe some kind of meanings and it is an upgrade version of the Phrase Hit Up.

Its Abbreviation firstly came out in 2009 and the next year it becomes popular on Facebook.

Most of the online Dictionary provides the actual HMU Definition but it was first seen on the URBAN Dictionary in 2010.

The Meaning of HMU is simple that ” Person Asked for something”. It is also a kind of Expression you can say and used for communications from its origin to till today.

HMU Meaning on Social Networks

HMU Acronym has different meaning depends on the situation and various Social networks. So, now we discuss that what does hit me up mean on social networks and daily life for better communication skills:

What’s HMU means in Text

Do another common question people ask that what does HMU mean in texting?

However, the HMU Meaning text is to chat with each other by using the instant messaging. It means to tell someone to catch me late etc.

Almost Half million to One Million of the whole population using the slang each day, mostly the youngers are using more.

What Does HMU mean on Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media network still today and millions of people use it and contact with each other on FB.

The most famous and most useful feature of Facebook is FB Messenger and instant chatting which is used to send and receive messages.

Therefore, HMU mean on facebook is to complete the situation by sending the short message.

As you that HMU Stand for “Hit me up”, So this is used on Facebook comments, groups as well as the private messenger

What Does HMU mean on Snapchat

Just like Facebook, Instagram, and other social websites, HMU Slang is also used on Snapchat in chatting and tags.

We notice that the Hit me Up mostly used in Live stories and comments as well. Meaning of HMU on Snapchat is same but people used it in different ways.

What Does HMU mean on Instagram

Instagram is another social media network where people upload their daily activities and Selfies. On this network, mostly Hashtags are used and people used HMU most of the time and it is common and want to know HMU Meaning on Instagram.

Recently, I read some blog where a study proves that there is 4 to 5 Million HMU tags are used on Instagram each day.

If you have still confused that What does HMU Mean then check examples and pictures.

This is it for Today, we have published this piece of content to educate people and clear confusions.

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